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Things have changed at Hartz over the years, I've moved from Tasmania to Queensland, then sold all the horses and moved back to Tasmania, only to move back to Qld and buy more horses and finally move to Victoria.

We've been in Victoria now since 2003 but as usual things are always changing.  The loss of our beloved Sabtah Shareem in 2009 and then his last naturally conceived foal in early 2010 derailed all the plans I had made in our Straight Egyptian breeding program.

For now my Arabian dreams are on hold as I have found that I enjoy the company of smaller equines.  My little Shetland herd is expanding and I am finding myself more interested in exploring what Shetlands have to offer me and my family.  

I have no doubt that one day I will feel ready to return to the world of Arabians but for now my sights are aimed about 5 hands lower ;)